What Happens During A Session

The session conducted in a quiet environment. I work directly with your muscles through gentle touch. You may choose to be in undergarments or have comfortable, thin and soft clothing on. You will be laying on the massage table covered with a sheet. You would roughly spend half of the time laying on your stomach and half the time on your back.

With a gentle touch I would first feel you entire body through the sheet, from neck to toes to gather information. At any moment feel free to ask me questions or share your feelings and sensations. With your consent I would uncover a certain part of your body and work directly with muscles. My hand touch  will be respectful and soft. I will avoid private areas and inside part of the hips. These areas will always stay covered. During session I will tell you what I can see, feel and sense about your situation.  I may ask you questions and it will be up to you to answer or not. The open dialog is helpful to the  process of discovering your deeper emotions and experiencing changes in your self-awareness. After the session is over you will have a little time to rest and get ready for moving on.

Usually, even after the first session you could see desired changes in your life. Regular sessions settle down and balance your nervous system, strengthen connection between your body and mind and help to connect with your own wisdom of subconscious mind.



At the first meeting I will take 20 minute time for introduction and questions. We will discuss your desires; have a possibility to get in touch with the methods and to get acquainted with the process that you choose. Full Rosen session lasts for 50 to 60 minutes.



50-60 minutes of work is 65 Euro


Terms of cancelling

You can cancel a scheduled meeting at least 24 hours before via email, phone, auto responder or sms. If you couldn’t cancel a meeting 24 hours before, a payment is required since a time slot was allocated for your appointment. Please be on-time, if you are late the meeting will end at a scheduled time.


Kendlerstraße 12/12
1140 Vienna


Easily accessible by public transport
U3 Hütteldorfer Straße (exit Feilplatz, 3 minutes walk)
Tramway 49 (2 minutes walk)
Tramway 10 (2 minutes walk)
S-Bahn S45 Penzing (3 minutes walk)

Parking: Kurzparkzone!


Lower Austria

Klein Krottenbach 270
2533 Klausen Leopoldsdorf, Bezirk Baden, NÖ

Porträt Nataliya Weber