“Often the hands will sove a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

Carl Jung

I was born in Odessa, Ukraine. I now live in Austria together with my family. I have experience working with people in medical as well as in social fields. Since youth, my greatest interest has been improving human physical and emotional health, and I am continuously developing in it.

I have been involved in body-oriented practices and in work with the subconscious state for almost a quarter of a century. I get more and more convinced of the immense power of the holistic approach: developing and strengthening both physical and emotional health. By doing the work that I love and watching the progress my clients make, I continue to develop efficient methods that are enriching their lives as well as mine.

I love life and I love people. My family, connection to nature, and a variety of interests help me to uncover my own strengths and give me support on different stages of my growth. A sober assessment of the situation together with an optimistic approach makes me stronger when life challenges me. I learned to recognize and accept my own uniqueness as well as uniqueness of others.

“Every problem has a priceless gift within – let’s find yours”

Places of work:

  • Working with clients: Rosen Method, Deep muscle relaxation Method, Coaching, Counseling.
  • «LEFE – IBF» Women support
  • Fersenius Centre , USA
  • “Lee Memorial System, USA
  • Fresenius Medical Care, USA
  • Lee Memorial Health System, USA
  • Cape Coral Hospital, “Shell Point” Medical Centre, USA
  • Private sessions, Trainings, Classes, Ukraine
  • Intense Care Unit, Ukraine
Porträt Nataliya Weber

Schools and training:

  • Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, Austria, Germany, Russia, France
  • Existential analysis and logo therapy, Austria
  • School of Coaching and Counseling on Bill Ridler’s Method and Alfred Adler’s course, Russia, Montenegro
  • Edison’s College, Florida, USA
  • Transpersonal Psychology, Noobiont Institute, Russia
  • Deep Tissue Massage School, Florida, USA
  • Non-violent communication Centre, Marshal Rosenberg, France
  • Ramtha’s School of enlightenment, Washington, USA
  • Holodynamic Academy, Victor Volf , Prof., Arisona, USA