„This work is about transformation –
from the person we think we are to the person we really are.
In the end, we can’t be anyone else.”

Marion Rosen

Nataliya Weber Portrait

Nataliya Weber


  • What to do when something is happening not the way you wanted?
  • How can you get away from the problems of the mundane routine and say “YES!” to life with a true inspiration?
  • How to restore your physical health, strength and energy?

Sometimes life challenges us, whether it’s an illness or difficult circumstances, to the point we might feel stuck in a vicious circle of trying hard over and over to no avail. We realize that it is time for a major change and we are looking for ways to start.

All of us desire to be in a place in life where we feel free, secure and experience true heartfelt warmth. How wonderful it would be to see the world in bright colors, like when we were kids, enjoy the things that we do and be happy to be alive! We also want to be smart and confident in dealing with life’s problems as they arise, and maybe even transform some of them into new opportunities.

It is all possible: strengthen your health, change the unpleasant circumstances, reach your goals and build your happy life.

I can help you to find your own way to improve different aspects of your life, whether you are at a complete lost right now, or if you already started this process and are looking for ways to enhance it.

Rosen Method, on its own or as a complement to other health care modalities, has a transformative effect on body and mind, and brings balance and ease into one’s life.


Who will Benefit From Rosen Method:

  • Relationships problems
  • Difficulties with decision making
  • Grieving and lost
  • Problems with self-esteem
  • Physical pain and discomfort
  • Chronic stress
  • Feel overextended
  • Want to increase their ease in physical activity
  • Are looking for physical, emotional and spiritual growth
  • Use their bodies for self-expression (athletes, public speakers, performers)
  • Are receiving psychotherapy